Telstar Solutions (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010 with the Thai Ministry of Commerce and registered with the Council of Engineering of Thailand in 2010 as a certified Engineering company.

All of our staff engineers are licensed and maintain continuous good standing with the Council of Engineering of Thailand.

Our in-house licensed Professional (in Thai:Saman)-level engineers are responsible for the design, installation, and commissioning of our clients’ Building, Facility, and Utility projects.

Our engineering excellence is guaranteed by Telstar’s engineering certification, our staff’s engineering license, and our in-house, licensed Professional (in Thai Saman)-level engineers to ensure complete project responsibility and communication.

Our rigorous commitment to engineering professional excellence ensures our commitment to our clients as the project partner.


Team Member | Quality | Health, Safety, Environment

Telstar Solutions (Thailand)
recognizes our client’s requirement for quality, value, and manufacturing time.

We engineer innovative engineering solutions and technologically proven designs to provide economical and technical solutions to our clients.

We deliver each facility and utility system and cleanroom with the guaranteed conditions of temperature, humidity, pressure, and cleanliness classification.

All work are tested, balanced, commissioned, and validated prior to handover to our clients following

Good Engineering Practice (GEP) and
Good Documentation Practices (GDP) and
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) following
Pharmaceutical Inspection and Cooperation Inspection Scheme (PIC/S) guidelines.

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